The Dining Room – Part 3

one kings lane_pencil & paper_BREAKFAST TABLEMany moons ago (2012!), I posted about whether a house needs a dining room or not. You can read those posts here and here.

Last night I was catching up with my brother on the phone and I inquired as to whom would would host Thanksgiving. We always trade off between our house and his.

We reached no conclusion, but after I got off the phone, my mind immediately focused on the fact that my house has no dining room. We did that intentionally, but nonetheless there are two days a year it bugs me…Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

Today, I found a new blog I like written by an insanely talented designer named Gen Sohr from Pencil & Paper.

She and her husband were profiled on One Kings Lane recently and they discussed a renovation of their new home (which is stuhhninggg, btw).

In the profile they said…

“When they redesigned the house, Gen and Ben made the strategic decision to have a large kitchen, a living room that would be somewhat on the smaller side, and no formal dining room. This updated layout could be the blueprint for modern family living: Everyone gathers and eats in the kitchen, and the living room feels cozier with a single sitting area, unlike a more formal living room that might have two or three sitting areas.”


Do I still wish I had dining room for Thanksgiving? Of course!

Does it make me feel a bit better knowing someone so stylish made the same decision I did? Of course!

It’s the little things like this that get me through the day :-)


Image: One Kings Lane



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