The countertop discussion continues…tile?!?

I just read an article on Houzz that suggests some people are returning to kitchen countertops made of tile for design and affordability reasons.

All I have to say is…yuck.

Not yuck because of the way they look. Some tile countertops are absolutely gorgeous. I say yuck because, as a person who cooks every day, how the heck do you keep those little grout joints from becoming little channels filled with bubonic plague?

If you seal the grout of a tile countertop with a sealant completely impenetrable to food spills, then you will always be preparing your food on/near really harsh “chemicals” and, I’m sorry, that just can’t be healthy.

Conversely, if you seal the grout with a more natural/green sealant, chances are it will degrade over time and then you will run risk of developingĀ little channels filled with bubonic plague. Also, don’t fall into the trap of saying “I’ll just routinely reseal it with the natural sealant as I need it.” I think we both know that, over time, you’ll stop. And, even if you do keep up with it, you’ll spend more time resealing the counter than actually cooking on it.

I don’t know. I am an admitted germ-phobe, but I just think tiling a heavily used food preparation area is NOT a smart idea. One woman’s opinion. Also, as a Realtor, not sure how “sought-after” this look will be.

Here is the article from Houzz. See what you think.

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