Little things that make a BIG difference – air registers

The other day I wrote a post inspired by the floor of Joan Collins’ bathroom. I saw a picture of her bathroom in the Daily News and the color of the grout in her bathroom inspired me to write a post about the importance of clean grout when selling a home. That same picture has also inspired me to write this post about air registers.

Air registers are those metal vents everyone has around their houses from which air flows, in or out, for both the furnace and the central air conditioning. Over time they can get a bit grimy from everyday household dust plus any microscopic soot the furnace might be putting out.

Registers are easy to clean. Just unscrew the two screws that hold it to the wall out, rinse it in warm soapy water, dry and screw it back in.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy and what a startling difference it can make.

Again, will that be the thing that sells your home? No…but it definitely will send buyers a subliminal message about the quality of the care you’ve given your home.

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