Small bathrooms – Part 2

small bathroom pt 2I’ve written about small bathrooms before because a lot of people do not have those large bathrooms you see in decorating magazines or on Houzz and Pinterest. I know I certainly don’t!

I am searching for ideas to change my powder room, so I have been looking through bathroom decorating articles and I found one with some pretty good ideas for creating a full bath in a VERY small space.

Now, I am just decorating and not trying to wedge a shower into my powder room, but if you do have minimal space and are looking to create a full bathroom, it’s nice to know you can!

The bathroom in the picture uses minimal space, yet it is gorgeous.

The only observation from the article I will make is that, as a Realtor, corner sinks are not always well received by buyers. Corner sinks just scream, this space was so small they couldn’t have a regular sink! So if you can fit a regular sink, you might want to consider it. Other than that, having an extra bathroom is ALWAYS great for resale.

Find the article here.


Image: Peter S. Balsam Associates


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