Real Estate Dictionaries

Sometimes I lose my way…

I have these ideas for regularly scheduled blog topics, I start them, I devote posts to them once a week, then I lose interest or forget and they trail off into nothingness…

One of my forgotten regularly scheduled topics was Real Estate Word of the Week.

Real Estate Word of the Week was an idea my son gave me and it was actually pretty good. For no good reason, I just stopped doing it.

Today, I was reading an article on My Domaine that detailed several real estate dictionaries.

It reminded of Real Estate Word of the Week and I decided to reinvigorate idea. I may not do a word EVERY week. But I will definitely keep the idea flowing.

And, as a kick off, I decided to feature a couple of the books My Domaine showcased.

If you are in the market for a home, these may be helpful. Click on the each picture for more details.

Good luck!

The Language of Real Estate

Complete Dictionary of Real estate Terms

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