The Property Brothers added a Brother

The Brothers for GemA couple of weeks ago I entered a contest to win two tickets to the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City.

I NEVER win anything.

But, lo and behold, late last week I received an email telling me I won!


So, I went over to the show’s website to see what exhibitions there might be and…dum dah da dum…The Property Brothers were having a question and answer series!!

How perfect! The Property Brothers is one of the FEW shows we can all agree to watch as family. It has universal appeal at our house.

When I mentioned the Property Brothers were going to be there live, needless to say, I had no trouble convincing my eight-year-old (and my husband) that this might be a fun outing. Without the Property Brothers, I’m not sure I would  have been able to get them to go with me :-)

Anyway, after their fun and informative (and VERY crowded) question and answer series, “the brothers” stopped and posed for pictures with all attendees. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. Seriously, they posed with every person and didn’t rush anyone through the VERY LONG line despite having to catch a plane after the show. They were as cordial to last person on line as they were with the first.

After I got the picture of my son with “the brothers”, I texted it out to a few friends that I knew would get a kick out of it. Every single one, shot back the same response/question…”Are they as nice in person as they are on the show?”

My answer is a very resounding…YES!

If possible, these two fellows are even nicer. So polite. So genuine. So fun (they chose the pose they did with my son). So generous with their time. Just lovely people.

All I have to say is, their mother did one fantastic job raising two great guys.

I only hope I do half as well with my “brother”!

Needless to say, we will be watching the show even more (if that’s possible!)



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