Pricing your house for sale

house for sale I just listed a fantastic house for a GREAT price.

In my humble Realtor opinion, pricing your house for sale is the MOST nerve-racking part of the whole sales process.

The seller of my new listing is very savvy and when she sells a home, she doesn’t get too wound up in what she paid vs. her profit vs. what the current buyer mentality might be.

She makes things pretty simple…she looks at all the comparative houses for sale and then prices her house better.


She simply tries to be the obvious choice to buy.

She’s pretty smart.

I recently read an article on Fortune Builders about setting the sale price of a home.

In the article, Michael Seiler, a professor of real estate and finance at The College of William & Mary, said that most home buyers don’t realize that setting an asking price is primarily a negotiating tactic. “When you set a list price, you’re sending a signal to the market,” he says.

Well put.

That’s what my client tries to do…send a signal…she has the best property for the best price and that she is a very reasonable seller.

What buyer doesn’t want to deal with a very reasonable seller?

As I said, pretty smart.


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