Personally, I don’t have a Pinterest-sized bathroom!

I just wrote a post about how I have re-done several bathrooms in my house and in rental houses. Afterwards, I came across an interesting blog post by SAS Interiors. It focuses on how to re-do a standard size bathroom. By standard, they mean a 5′ x 8′ bathroom.

It seems that, in magazines, on Houzz and even on Pinterest, people tend to focus on cavernous bathrooms. There are New York City apartments that are smaller than some of the bathrooms pictured! Personally, I am not one for a wide expanse of a bathroom. I prefer a more cozy, intimate space.

Anyway, I thought this post was interesting because it focuses on how to decorate the 5′ x 8′ sized bathroom that most people seem to have. There are some nice ideas.

Take a look.



photo credit: SAS Interiors
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