Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and remember what you like about your house

If you read this blog with any frequency, it’s no secret that I am ALWAYS on the hunt for another house. Something bigger, better, more unique…

Anyway, every now and again,something reminds me of why I like my current house.

As I was sitting at my kitchen table answering emails, I looked up and noticed the bright sunshine dappling through the trees with their bright green, new leaves.

Just. So. Pretty.

Anyway, made me realize that my house has some pretty great features that would be hard to replicate at another house.

dappled deck w:logo

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Little things that make a BIG difference – Blooms when nothing is blooming

moveable hydrangea


My hydrangea are nowhere near flowering as we are having an very late bloom season this year. As I was surveying my front yard, I made the mental note that I am glad my house is not on the market as it is not nearly as pretty without all my brightly colored plants…I have seven (!) bright blue hydrangeas in the front of my house, as well as a very large hot pink azalea and a purple rhododendron. What can I say, I like bold color :-)

Anyway, I saw this picture online this morning and was immediately struck by the bright blue hydrangea. I wished my hydrangea looked like that right now.

Then I looked a bit closer at the picture and I realized something…

Those hydrangeas aren’t planted in the ground. They are in decorative urns and planters.

I bet they bought those at a nursery already in bloom and put them out. I bet their neighbors are all still waiting for their plants to burst open.

That gave me an idea…

If your house is on the market and you want to benefit from some bright colorful blooms and make your house stand out from everyone else, get yourself some pretty planters and bright, healthy plants and line your front walk.

Talk about differentiating your home!

And, if your Realtor makes note of it in the listing, you can take the plants and urns with you when you sell the house.

I think this is one of my more genius ideas :-)

My work here is done for the day!

Image: Dying of Cute


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Zillow’s “Make Me Move” Price – My own personal experience

Make Me Move icon

I have written about Zillow in the past here, here and here. I have also written specifically about their Make Me Move feature.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, below is the description Zillow gives for Make Me Move …

Make Me Move Description

Pretty clear what the Make Me Move feature does and a pretty useful feature for anyone trying to gauge buyer interest in their home…right?


As an example, I put a Make Me Move price on one of my rental properties. It’s a cute house, but, if someone were to come along and offer me my Make Me Move price, I’d sell that place in a heartbeat. Now, remember, I am a Realtor, so my Make Me Move price is actually well researched and thought out and not far off from the house’s actual market value. It is also a VERY low price for the community in which the house is located. No sense putting a price on the house that isn’t realistic…it won’t generate any interest OR if someone actually did offer the price, the bank would never appraise it to that value and that would be a waste of time for everyone. But, I digress…

Since listing the Make Me Move price for the past six months, my house has gotten two basic inquiries…

The first is from Realtors who’ve had clients who’ve seen the house on Zillow and have asked their agent if they can see it. The Realtors call to see if I will pay them a commission if they bring their clients to see the house, even though it was the client who actually found the house themselves. When I say it depends on the final sale price of the house, their clients “magically” lose interest.

The second and far more prevalent inquiry I get is from Realtors who don’t realize I too am a local Realtor and are offering to sell my house for me. They send me emails telling me they’d love to “help me” and they will get my house sold far faster than Zillow alone and blah, blah, blah. When I tell them that I too am a Realtor and that, while I won’t be using their service to list my house on the MLS, they should feel free to bring by any of their interested clients and I will pay them a commission. Again, they “magically” lose interest once they find out they won’t be the listing agent.

Through no fault of Zillow, the Make Me Move feature has basically become a hunting ground for Realtors.

So, my six month Make Me Move track record consists of…

  • 2 Buyer inquiries via their Realtors
  • 8 Realtor inquires to become the listing agent 
  • 34 Buyers have saved the house a “Favorite”
  • 0 Offers

To date, nobody has Made Me Move!

Images: Zillow

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day 2014

Image: Paper Source
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Weekly Home Sales Snapshot – 5/8/15

Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op


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In real estate, sometimes there is no justice…

no moneyI just worked many, many, MANY hours on the sale of a certain house.

My client (the buyer) and I slogged through many issues with a house she was buying as an investment. The house is an antique and had many “quirks”…all of which she was willing to overlook or fix.

We had countless meetings, with countless inspectors and contractors while trying to iron out the details.

After we had everything worked out and we were well on our way to the closing table, it was determined that there was one more “quirk” with the house that was uncovered.

However…that was just one “quirk” too many for my client and she exercised her legal right to cancel the deal.

I don’t blame my client AT ALL. You should never, EVER, buy a house you don’t feel comfortable about. It’s just not worth it. Houses are typically the most expensive things we buy, so we should feel 150% positive about whatever we’re buying.

That said, after many hours, discussions, conversations and much effort…I have absolutely nothing to show for my efforts.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I know that’s part of being a Realtor and as I said earlier, I am glad…very glad…my client made the decision that was right for her…but man, it’s moments like this that make me wonder whether I should be a Realtor.

Not enough money and too much effort is a losing combo :-(

It’s going to be a long day today!


Image: Realty Star


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Just a pretty front door

So, so, so busy.

So today, no commentary, just a pretty front door.



seafoam door w:glass&diamonds

You can look at many other pretty front door colors I have featured




hereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehere & here

Image:  Pinterest
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Who do you trust for real estate forecasting…yourself or the experts?

I just mentioned to my husband this morning that I feel something is afoot in my local real estate market.

For all the talk that “the market is hot”, I am not feeling it as much.

Is my business faltering or the market?

I feel like there are more price reductions on the MLS everyday than there are new listings.

Are the reductions due to over-pricing sellers realizing their error or lack of buyers out buying?

Not sure.

I saw this chart this morning as well. It says Realtors are confident the market is going up.

6-month Realtor confidence


Is the market really picking or is this just wishful thinking?

I suppose anything is possible.


Image: National Association of Realtors
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Weekly Home Sales Snapshot – 5/1/15


Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op  


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I have very unique front doors in my own neighborhood

I posted this on my other blog, Front Door Freak, and thought it merited a posting here as well because, seriously, can we ever look at enough cool front doors? :-)



1 SH outside logo
The other day I was walking my dog, Edgar, down my street to pick up the the mail. We live on one of those streets where the mailboxes are at the end of the road, not at each house. It’s a small street, only five homes, but it is very pretty.

As I was walking, I noticed how wonderful many of my neighbors’ door were. For background, I live in a neighborhood that was developed in the 1920s by a well known local architect named Frazier Peters. Mr. Peters was well known for erecting lovely stone homes on wooded lots.

When working with big, heavy stones, the front doors MUST have a certain size, heft and grandeur to them or they will simply look out of place and skimpy. No one understood this better than Mr. Peters and size, heft and grandeur were delivered!

The top picture is from one of the houses on my street. Unfortunately, the picture is a bit blurry as it is an old real estate listing picture from my local MLS. The picture below, in much better focus, shows the inside of the door in greater detail. The inside looks just like the outside.

inside 1 SH logoAbsolutely stunning, no!?!


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