One couple’s perspective on house buying

As I have mentioned before, I read myriad blogs. One I usually follow is called Young House Love. Mostly, the blog features decorating and home improvement, but in a recent post the bloggers wrote about what they look for when buying a house. As they put it, what they look for and what they look past when house shopping.

Not everyone is willing to buy a fixer-upper, as a matter of fact most people will not even consider it. Most of the buyers I encounter as a Realtor just want to move their stuff in and start living. There is absolutely no allure in putting their personal design “mark” on a house. “Turn key” is a phrase I often hear.

I, much like the bloggers I mention above, only buy houses that need a lot of work. As I have mentioned numerous times, our house was a “masterpiece waiting for its artist” when we bought it six years ago. But that’s just me. I would much rather design a house for my personal needs and taste, than pay a seller for their design taste (read that as: I like houses that offer great upside value on the asking price :-))

Anyway, for non-Realtors, I think they offer great insight into what to look for when house shopping.

Read the post here.

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