Look for a Realtor that wants to talk about you, not themselves

bragging RealtorSaturday morning is usually my catch up day for scanning through my Real Estate newsletters. Today I read the most wonderfully obvious (at least to me) blog post aimed at home sellers searching for a listing agent.

It was on the KCM (Keeping Current Matters) blog and the crux of the post was to warn sellers to think twice about selecting a Realtor who starts their listing presentation with their own personal accomplishments and then follows that up with their company’s accomplishments.

As a seller, of course you want a qualified agent, but what you really want is an agent who is focused on you and your home. Someone who is intimately aware of your neighborhood and local market. And, oh yeah, who has some good credentials of their own too. A focused Realtor will lead with “you” and merely briefly mention “them”.

It’s funny, the last brokerage firm I was affiliated with required their agents to put together a “brag book” of all the agent’s awards and accomplishments. We were encouraged to leave our brag books off at a potential client’s house a day or two before our scheduled presentation so the client could read it before we arrived. I absolutely HATED that idea and always made lame excuses as to why my brag book “wasn’t quite ready yet”…I also knew I switching brokerage firms in the near future and knew I could avoid the whole thing :-) . It just seemed so self-serving to me.

Anyway, file this thought under “so obvious, but so true”…look for a Realtor that leads the discussion with YOUR HOME, not themselves!

If you’d like to read the full post, you can find it here.

If you’d like to find a Realtor in Fairfield County Connecticut that will focus solely on you and your home, you can find her here.

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