Little things that make a BIG difference – Doors

louvered doorWhen we bought our wreck of a house, we needed to change just about everything in it. That said, the reason we bought the house was because of its “good bones”. When we bought it, it just felt like a good old solid house, albeit a bit dilapidated, but definitely solid.

Part of what contributed to that solid feeling were the doors in the house. All the closets had louvered doors. You know those doors with the thin slats running horizontally across…those are louvered doors. I remember our first contractor snarled his upper lip at them and said, “Of course you AREN’T using them, they are SO dated!” Well, yes in fact, we were using those doors…we ended up not using him instead! But I digress…

Anyway, the reason we used the doors was 1) we really liked them and 2) they fit the period of the house.

I just read a great article on Houzz by an architect discussing how he hates when people replace doors in older home with more modern, less-age-appropriate versions. All I can say to that is…Amen!

Believe it or not, doors are important when selling a house. The first thing buyers do when they look at a house is open doors and look in closets. The appropriateness of a door sends a subliminal message as they open and close it.  Is it solid or hollow? Does it feel substantial and sturdy? These are all things that contribute to an overall impression of a house.

Think about it before you make any door changes at your house.

You can find the article here.

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