Little things that make a BIG difference – Bathtub Caulk

For some reason, as I am showing homes to clients, I have been noticing each home’s bathtub caulk.

Bathtub caulk?!? 

How random is that?

Anyway, I have noticed a spate of less than stellar bathtub caulk.

In some instances the caulk was all dried up and pulling away from the wall.

Like this…

dried tub caulk

In other instances the caulk was stained by mildew. In other words, the homeowner tried to clean the mildew off, but it left a gray stain.

Like this…

mildew tub caulk

Gross, right?!?

Anyway, it makes a perfectly clean bathroom, seem old and dirty and that’s never a way to woo buyers.

So, if your house is on the market and your bathtub caulk looks like the ones above, head over to your local hardware store, grab some nice, white caulk and fix your tub up.

It’s very easy to do and you will be surprised at the difference it will make.


Images: Top – Oh Everything Handmade, Bottom – Chic Bathtub Design and Collection Ideas
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