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  1. Deborh says:

    I have a story &1/2 house with two tone grey & black shingles, I say this as the roof is a very high pitch so you see the roof very clearly when looking at the front of the house. My front door & shutters are a dark forest green and want to change the color but not sure what to go with. Should the shutters be a different color than the front door? Any color suggestions would be great. Oh, it is a small house and the siding is white.

    thanks so much,

    • Susan says:

      Hi Debbie:

      Great question. In my opinion, the roof, the door and the shutters all have to work together, but don’t necessarily have to match. You are lucky that the house is white because that really opens up your color possibilities.

      Since your roof is black and grey, you could make the shutters black and then do whatever color you want on the front door. I did that on one of my investment properties you can see here: . It’s not the most recent picture as I have changed the roof shingles to black. The shingles are black, the shutters are black, the siding is white and the front door is a wonderful apple green. I think it looks really cute. If you were to paint your shutters black, you could do almost anything on the front door. Right now, bright yellow is quite popular and I, myself, am partial to an orangey pumpkin color. I have a Front Door Color board on Pinterest, take a look there and it might give you some possibilities. Find the board here

      The other technique you can use is to take a picture of your house from the front. Print it out and then cut out the front door and shutters. Take the cut out picture to your paint store and just try different color combinations. Simply put the paint chip you think might work behind the cut out area of the picture and that will give you an idea of the what works with your house.You can see the technique here

      Choosing front door color can be really fun.

      Have a good time with it and good luck!


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