If your house is for sale should you decorate for the holidays?

We put up our Christmas decorations last weekend. Every year my husband and I have the exact same discussion:

On the day after Thanksgiving…

Me:  Let’s get the tree next weekend.

My Husband:  It will be a dried out tinderbox by Christmas.

Me:  Christmas only comes once a year and I want to enjoy as many moments of it as I can.

My Husband:  It will be a dried out tinderbox by Christmas.

Me:  Okay, I’ll make sure our calendar is clear so we can get it next weekend.

The only year we did not have that discussion was the year we were selling our house in Fairfield. We listed the house two days before Thanksgiving and our agent advised us to keep the decorating to a minimum so as not be polarizing to those who do not celebrate. I grudgingly complied as she was the expert.

Now that I am a Realtor, I am not sure I agree. Certainly decorating your house like the Griswolds in the movie Christmas Vacation is not recommended, but, that said, I rather like a tastefully done holiday-scape. Not unlike displaying family pictures, I think holiday decorations can make a home seem happy, and to me, that is a good sales tool.

Image: Hooked on Houses


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