How the knotty pines…

I have noticed lately that my posts about knotty pine paneling (here, here, and here) are getting a ton of reader traffic.

Maybe people are looking forward to sprucing up their houses for resale? Maybe people are stuck inside with all the snow outside and are tired of looking at their knotty pine walls? Whatever the reason…knotty pine is a hot topic here at Gem of the Week!

I have shown that you can beautifully paint your knotty pine, just as I personally did. And I have shown that you can use color and room accessories to maximize the appearance of your natural knotty pine. Whether you chose painting your pine or nurturing your natural knotty, if you like it, then it’s a great choice.

One thing I have recently run across and will now throw into the knotty-pine-treatment choice set is pickled pine. Pickling involves a light wash of a lightly colored stain over the wood so you somewhat change its appearance, but underneath the colorwash you still see the natural markings of the wood. It could be a great alternative for people who don’t want to cover up the natural marking of the wood with paint, but also want to considerbly lighten the color up from its natural state.

If done properly, pickling can create quite a dramatic and contemporary effect.

Here are a couple of examples:

pickled knotty pine


pickled pine













Image: Top –, Bottom – Apartment Therapy
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