Gem of the Week – 25 Cockenoe Drive, Westport, CT

Oh. My. Sweet. Lord.

Where do I even begin…this is the best Gem I will ever bring you…seriously…for me, this is the greatest house I have ever seen. Mere words cannot even begin to express how strongly I love this house.

It represents everything I love…waterfront (and I mean DIRECT waterfront), built in the ’20s, cozy. It’s a true beach cottage. Not some dolled-up huge behemoth with every modern luxury you can imagine. Just a wonderfully simple beach cottage that allows you to truly appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds it. Sheer perfection.

The house is a little over 1,500 sq ft. and the pictures do not nearly capture the real charm of this home. When you enter the front of the house you are inside a decent-sized front porch that overlooks the water. From there you enter the front door and are greeted by a lovely fireplace. Of course everything is painted that seashore white that I adore. The living room is large enough to accommodate two distinct seating areas, both with couches and easy chairs. Next to the living room is a bright little kitchen with ample storage and work surfaces. Next to the kitchen is the entry to the unbelievably clean and tidy garage as well as one of the two bathrooms.

On the other side of the kitchen is a sweet little staircase that takes you up to the surprisingly spacious second floor. Each of the three bedrooms is more than ample and some fully able to accommodate a queen-sized bed. A fourth bedroom has been made into a wonderful walk-in closet. It can easily be converted back to a bedroom, but why do it when a closet is this large and wonderful. Perhaps my favorite part of the entire house was a wonderful sunny yellow TV room at the end of the hall. The ceiling has been vaulted making dramatic use of what would be an an empty attic. The perimeter of the room itself is not huge, although it comfortably holds a small couch and a couple of easy chairs, it is the soaring ceiling with beams that makes this room feel so spacious and special.

The property is lovely too. Very private and lush and a manageable .10 of an acre. The best part of this property is its location. It is nestled at the back of Saugatuck Shores which is a private island community. It has a wonderful rustic gravel road and sits mere yards away from the lapping shoreline. Imagine falling asleep every night to water lapping on the shore. That is my idea of heaven.

At $1.4M this house is well priced. Homes on this street rarely change ownership out of a family, and when they do they are usually sold privately to a neighbor and never even listed on the MLS. Houses here come on the market like once a decade and when they do, they are usually at least twice the price. Sure this house is a bit quaint for that price tag, but it is more than made up for by the absolutely priceless waterfront views of the wide open Sound. As I’ve quoted my husband before, “they aren’t making any more waterfront, so you have to buy what’s here when you have the opportunity.” This opportunity is once in a lifetime. Grab your fishing pole, put on your clam diggers and enjoy the beach the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Why is this the Gem of the Week?

This house is heaven on earth.

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