Gas stove or electric?


Recently, I have found myself having in-depth discussions with several different clients about gas vs. electric stoves. I find clients either have a really strong opinion about which they prefer or couldn’t care one bit. It’s kind of like whether or not they want a dining room, it either REALLY matters or it doesn’t matter at all. One extreme or the other and nothing in between.

Personally, I am a gas stove person and it really matters to me…yes, I am on that end of the extreme. Our house is heated with oil, so we have a separate propane tank to fuel our cooktop and our hot water heater. If I ever moved to a house that had an electric stove, the very first thing I would do would be to convert it to gas. I happen to do a lot of cooking and I enjoy it, so for me having a stove that I like is important.

If you find a house that you’d like to buy and it doesn’t have your cooktop of choice, have no fear because the conversion from one to the other is quite easy.

Here is an ideabook from Houzz about finding the right cooktop.

Image: Houzz


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