Don’t Be Afraid of…Low Ceilings

As I’ve mentioned in many a post, my house was far from ideal when I first saw it. One of its myriad problems was that it had 7 3/4 ft. ceilings throughout most of the house. The family room had a cathedral, beamed ceiling, but the rest of the ceilings in the house were, shall we say, “uninspired”.

As we set about deciding our renovations wish list, my husband and I both agreed that the kitchen would be the epicenter of the household and should receive most of our attention.

We took a wall out between the dining room and kitchen to double the size of the kitchen and we gutted the newly enlarged room to the studs. We then began designing the room EXACTLY the way we wanted it. In going over the plans and choices with our contractor, he very wisely suggested we vault the ceiling across our newly expanded room. Since our house is a ranch, we merely had to commandeer the section of our expansive attic that sat above the kitchen to get the project done.

This was one of the least costly changes we made and it had, by far, the most dramatic impact on the space. We added two huge skylights to the plan and our kitchen now commands an unbelievable presence. I really do enjoy being in the room. It’s light, bright and very spacious. It’s everything we had hoped it would become.

If you are in the market for a new house, don’t let ceiling height take a house out of your choice set. If there is attic space above a certain room and the shape of the room lends itself to a vaulted ceiling, vaulting it is a very easy and cost effective solution for a very dramatic result.


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