Don’t be afraid of…Knotty Pine Paneling

I am starting a new segment today called “Don’t be afraid of…”  I go into a lot of different houses every week. As a result, I consistently see certain features in houses that consistently turn buyers off! There are some wonderful older homes prospective buyers will walk away from simply because they don’t know how to deal with a certain element of the house (something dated, filthy or otherwise).

Today’s feature is Knotty Pine Paneling. As Carrara marble is to modern homes, Knotty Pine Paneling was to the homes of the 1950s. How do I know? Because my house had some!

This particular paneling is not the thin 1/4″ sheets we see at Home Depot today. This stuff is solid pine, about an inch think and installed in a tongue-and-groove manner. This stuff is as solid as it comes!

When we bought our house (featured in the pictures), our contractor at the time wanted to just rip it all out. Being a lover of most things “vintage” I said absolutely not. He whined about how hard it would be to prime the wood and cover the knots so they wouldn’t “bleed” through and blah, blah, blah. Needless to say, we switched contractors, kept the knotty pine paneling and have loved it ever since. I am also happy to report that, five years later, we do not have one knot “bleeding” through.

Moral of this post…don’t be afraid of the knotty pine! With a little love and effort it can make for a stunning effect in your decor. (Sorry you can’t see more in the “after” picture above, I only seem to have photographs of my living room during major holidays when it’s covered in decorations.)

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  4. debbie says:

    I was wondering if it is possible to purchase the 1950’s paneling. I just bought a home with it and I need to replace a small area. Do you have any ideas where I could find it? Thanks for your help!!

    • Susan says:

      If you know a local contractor, they might be able to get you some wherever they purchase their supplies or try one of those good old fashioned lumber stores. They usually have stuff like this. Bring a sample or if you don’t have a sample bring a picture shot a few feet away from the wall and then another a little closer up to show the overall perspective and the detail. I bet that will work. If it doesn’t, write me back and I will ask the contractor I usually work with. Good luck!

  5. Susan says:

    Just had another thought…place an ad on Craig’s List and see if someone is doing a renovation and ripping some out of their house. It’s a long shot, but you never know!

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