Don’t Be a Hater!

After my son was born, my husband and I decided we needed a bigger house. We both agreed we wanted a 1920’s center hall Colonial. We also agreed that, while we really wanted something from the ’20s, we’d concede to buy something as “new” as the 1940’s if we really liked the house. The house we owned at the time was built in 1834, so we felt something from the ’20s would be positively modern.

What did we end up with…a 1955 ranch!

As you may remember from prior posts, my house was a hovel when I bought it. Owned by the same person since it was built in 1955 and all kinds of crazy stuff went on over the years. It was a mess.

After the first time we saw it, with its crazy patchwork floors, we both walked out and said “that’s the one”. The only reason we even went to look at it was because the listing write-up said “fixer-upper surrounded by multi-million dollar homes” and the renovator/investor in me overcame my inner antique-lover.

Five years later, I have to say, I love my house. It is spread out, everything is one one floor and it has that good old solid construction. It is comfortable and a pleasure to live in.

When I suggest to my buyers that they might like a ranch, it is usually met with a snarled lip and a fair amount of disdain. I just laugh to myself because I am sure at one time I did the exact same thing.

So the moral of this post is, don’t be a hater! If you’re looking for a home and your agent suggests a ranch (or anything else for that matter), go take a look. You never know where it might lead!

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