Dining Rooms…do you really need one?

We took the wall out between our kitchen and our dining room when we renovated our house. My husband’s argument was, why keep a room we would only use 2 days a year, when we could have an extra large kitchen we could enjoy for 365 days a year.

I grudgingly admit that he was right. For 363 days a year, I love my huge kitchen. I will also say that the 2 days a year I want a dining room, I am a bit bitter.

It’s funny, when I am showing buyers prospective houses, they typically fall at either end of the spectrum. They either couldn’t give a rat’s patootie about the dining room OR they absolutely have to have one and it’s a deal breaker even if the rest of the house is perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, dining rooms are nice, but are they absolutely critical to your daily living experience?

What do you think about having a dining room?

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