Are you the fixer-upper type?


When I look at the picture above, all I see is possibility. When others see it, they see a mess.

As I have mentioned before, my husband and I only buy houses that need serious help. We like to put our sweat equity into things and keep our mortgages as low as possible. It’s just how we roll.

This type of outlook is not for everyone though…as a matter of fact it took me a bit of convincing to bring my husband down the “fixer-upper path”.

According to him, all these home fix-it shows that take delapidated chicken coops and turn them into palatial palaces…all in 30 minutes of TV time…do not even begin to show the actual nightmares that can ensue from taking on such a major renovation. The Property Brothers touch on it in their show, but they really just give the highlights. My husband is not wrong…these shows can lull home buyers into a false sense of security and rarely divulge that┬ásometimes things can go really wrong. If you pursue this path, you have to be mentally prepared for it.

Here is a good article from Bob Vila that outlines nine questions you should ask yourself BEFORE you purchase a fixer-upper. It will help you decide if you have the stomach for such an undertaking.

For me, I find a good fixer-upper inspiring…for my husband, not quite as┬ámuch, but he goes along with it.

How about you, are you the fixer-upper type?




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