A Scandal besets the TV show House Hunters

My wonderful husband sent me a blog write-up that was actually  based on another blog I read every day called Hooked on Houses (I’ve mentioned it before).

Seems Hooked on Houses had a profile of a buyer who appeared on the TV show House Hunters (a show that airs waayyy too often). Apparently the actual “search for the house” the viewers witness while watching the show is completely staged and fake. Hooked on Houses didn’t focus on the ramifications such inauthenticity might have on actual real-life buyers who watch the show, but the article from Slate that my husband sent raised some good points.

Does making home buying look so neat and easy do a disservice to real buyers by setting up unreasonable expectations? I think it’s an interesting theory to say the least. I’ve touched upon managing buyer expectations before.

Read the article here.

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