Be back tomorrow!

I am delivering my homemade Christmas cookies to all my real estate clients today.

Be back tomorrow with a real post!

christmas cookie delivery

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More on brightly colored bathroom tile

orchid colored bathroomI have talked about brightly colored bathroom tile on numerous occasions.

Like here, herehere, here and here.

I guess because I have purchased many houses with those pastel colored tiles from the 1950s, I am utterly fascinated by them.

Well, today Houzz has featured an homage to these antique (?) bathrooms.

Please head over to the ideabook and take a look. Some of the bathrooms featured are incredible!

Find the ideabook here.


Image: Linda Hawkins
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Little things that make a BIG difference – Algae on your walkway

algae bluestone w:logoLittle things that make a BIG difference – Algae…


Yes, algae!

Our front walkway is made of bluestone tiles. We had a landscape designer put them in and they really are pretty.

The one catch, a few of them, right near my front door, are in complete shade all the time and have a tendency to get that green, slimy thin film of algae on them. In ALL seasons :-(

The other day we had a light dusting of snow and I almost slipped and fell. The first thing I thought of was, if we put our house on the market, this is the first thing that has to be cleaned. And, I mean cleaned scrupulously!

Not only is it unsightly, it’s dangerous.

The last thing any seller needs is a lawsuit because a potential buyer slipped and fell on something that could easily be taken of.

So, if your house is on the market, check to see if you have any algae on your walkway. A quick cleaning could save you a lot of trouble later.


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Well said…

worries and shoes at the door

Image:  Pinterest
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My Pinterest Board for Cool Doors

I have a couple of Pinterest Boards for front doors. I started them a long time ago.

One is labeled Front Door Color and the other is Cool Doors.

Neither title is particularly clever, but they are both definitely descriptive!

The Cool Doors board came about because I started noticing doors I liked, but they weren’t necessarily painted great colors. And, while I may not have wanted to “pin” the color, I definitely wanted to keep a picture the actual door. And thus, the Cool Doors board was born.

I was looking through my boards the other day and thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite Cool Door pins.


If you’d like to view both of my boards, Front Door Color is here and Cool Doors is here.

bubble window door

Source - This is Paper

cool lattice door

Source - Farrow & Ball

Diamond Pattern Door

Source - Ciruelo Interiors

green circle door

Source - Houzz

delicate lattice door

Source - Mark D. Sikes

copper clad door

Source - My Villa Life

Lattice Arrows Door

Source - Cococozy

mid-century medallion door

Source - Eco Building Bargains

Sargent Architectural Photography

Source - William R. Eubanks

mylar flower door

Source -

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Weekly Home Sales Snapshot – 12/12/14


Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op


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Christmas doormats

If  you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I, as a Realtor, focus on doormats a lot. And, I mean, A LOT. Like here, here and here.

And here I go again…

While I was putting out my Christmas doormat, I thought it looked a little worse for wear and started thinking that maybe I should replace it.

If your house is on the market this holiday season, perhaps a festive doormat might be a welcoming way to greet prospective buyers.

Here are a few that caught my eye while I was looking around…


coco mats

Source - Coco Mats N More


Source - Bed Bath Store

reindoor GH

Source - Garnet Hill

be merry GH

Source - Garnet Hill

trees gh

Source - Garnet Hill

dancing snowman

Source - Amazon


Source - Not on the High Street

joy mat

Source - Etsy

be merry

Source - Target


Source - DII for the Home

Painted Rug peace

Source - Twenty Something


Source - Christmas People

santa belt

Source -


Source -

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Who invented the first front door?

[this is a re-post from Front Door Freak]

This morning I wasn’t thrilled with my planned post, so I started thinking about what else I might like to write about.

In doing that exercise, I started wondering what the first front door looked like and where it was located. Who is the genius that came up with this “device” that has come to represent so much in our society? Whoever it was, I am pretty sure their door was NOT painted “robins egg blue” as many doors today are :-)

Of course, in my search for the answer, the first informational spot I happened upon was Wikipedia. Once I did, I needed to go no further.

Anything and everything I ever wanted to know about doors was there!

Here is the link to the wikipage. There is simply too much info to capture here in one post.

Oh, and to answer my original question, where did the first front door appear?

Here’s what Wikipedia says…


The earliest records are those represented in the paintings of the Egyptian tombs, in which they are shown as single or double doors, each in a single piece of wood. In Egypt, where the climate is intensely dry, there would be no fear of their warping, but in other countries it would be necessary to frame them, which according to Vitruvius (iv. 6.) was done with stiles (sea/si) and rails (see: Frame and panel): the spaces enclosed being filled with panels (tympana) let into grooves made in the stiles and rails. The stiles were the vertical boards, one of which,tenoned or hinged, is known as the hanging stile, the other as the middle or meeting stile. The horizontal cross pieces are the top rail, bottom rail, and middle or intermediate rails. The most ancient doors were in timber, those made for King Solomon’s temple being in olive wood (I Kings vi. 31-35), which were carved and overlaid with gold. The doors dwelt upon in Homer would appear to have been cased in silver or brass. Besides Olive wood, elm, cedar, oak and cypress were used. A 5,000-year-old door has been found by archaeologists inSwitzerland.[2]

Image - Roman folding doors at Pompeii(1st century AD)



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Well said…

Feeling a bit bruised and battered by the real estate industry today. Doesn’t feel like anything is going my way :-(

I will try to remember this…

kinds words unlock

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Weekly Home Sales Snapshot – 12/5/14


Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op


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