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today is the day to open a door

Source - Coeur Blonde

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My energy audit

front door energy audit

I am a bit behind on my posts this week because I had an energy audit of my house.

What is an energy audit, you ask?

It’s a process whereby energy professionals come and swarm over your house looking for energy inefficiencies of ANY kind.

It was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen.

These guys filled every air-leaking nook and cranny they could find.

They changed all my incandescent lights to LED. I was never a fan of anything other than incandescent because I didn’t want my house to feel like a football stadium at night when we turned on the lights, but I am happy to report LED bulbs have come a LONG way since I investigated them a few years ago.

They put weather stripping on every door and foam insulation around my entire basement where the house meets the foundation.

At then end of the 4 hour inspection, I received a 10 page report about my house. According to the report the minor adjustments that were made to my house will save approximately $1,000 this winter season. If I go ahead and insulate my attic (which was the reason we called for the audit in the first place), I will save another $3,000 in energy costs.

Then, to make the whole thing even better, I will receive energy rebates from the state of Connecticut for up to half of the cost of the insulation installation AND I will get a tax rebate AND the remaining amount can be financed at 0% (yes, you read that appropriately, NOTHING) across 3 years. The amount will just be put into my monthly electric bill for the next 36 months.

The audit cost me $99 and then I bought a few other things like DEEPLY discounted LED lights and an insulation hatch to cover my attic stairs.

All told, the entire visit cost me $400, BUT it will have saved me over $4,000 this cold weather season.

Call your electric company or heating provider for details. I know this is being down across the country.

In the meantime, here’s an ideabook from Houzz that discusses weatherstripping.

Everyone should do this because it is fantastic!

AND, if your house is on the market, let potential buyers know you’ve had your house audited by professionals so it can be made as energy efficient as possible. Talk about a GREAT marketing tool!


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Address numbers are important…Part 2

In the past, I have written about the importance of clearly identifying the address number of your home.

Whether it be so buyers can find your home if it’s for sale or perhaps so a service technician can find you to repair something or, God forbid, perhaps so a healthcare professional can find you in an emergency…address numbers are important!

For whatever the reason, if you are going to put numbers up they can be an added decoration as well as an identifier.

Today I am showing many different styles of address numbers. I tried to show many different styles and, trust me, I only scratched the surface of what’s available.

See if any of these strike your fancy and if they do, my only advice is to make sure your selection can be clearly read at a distance. That’s the purpose of putting them up…to make your house identifiable!

So without further ado…


Source - Houzz

360 yardware - bungalow

Source - 360 Yardware


Source - Houzz

decal willow creek signs

Source – Etsy - Willow Creek Designs

atlas plaque

Source - Atlas Signs and Plaques


Source – Etsy - Live in Mosaics

rch supply

Source - RCH Supply

chunky black weston

Source - Weston

funky anthro

Source - Anthropologie

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I Spied…

Cedar Neighbor Door

I am starting a new feature today on my other blog, Front Door Freak, and I thought it would work for Gem of the Week as well.

I am calling the feature I Spied.

It all came about because I was at one of my rental properties doing some painting. As I stopped for a moment to take a rest, I looked around the neighborhood and spotted the house across the street.

The owners changed the color of their front door and it is FABULOUS! The color of the house and the color of the door are sheer perfection together!

So fabulous in fact, that I had to take a picture (in case you are reading this and think I am some kind of weirdo, please read this.)

Anyway, this door precipitated this new feature, I Spied.

From now on, whenever I see a door worthy of me stopping to take a picture, I will feature it here.

I promise to try and improve my photography skills :-)


PS – If you see a door worthy of taking a picture, send it to me and I will feature it.

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Weekly Home Sales Snapshot – 11/14/14



Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op



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Just a pretty front door today

I am soooo busy today that all I can do is share a pretty front door.

I don’t need to say anything about this door, it’s so pretty it just says it for itself…



Periwinkle Door


Image - Houzz/Taggart Construction/Randy Ashley
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It’s your home…enjoy it while you own it!

plastic-furniture-on-couchI am pre-empting a previously planned post for today because I was reading my mid-week edition Houzz Newsletter and I came across an article written/stated so well, I am just going to share it verbatim.

The article was written by SPACE Architects + Planners and its focus was how to create the space you need in your existing house.

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know my need for more space in my own home is ALWAYS top of mind, so of course I HAD to read it.

There was one passage that particularly resonated with me…

We are bombarded with TV shows and magazines that promote the idea that we should consider the next buyer of our home when making design decisions. Unless you plan on staying in your home for less than five years, throw that thought out the window fast.

Anything you paint, install or refurbish today will most likely be out of style within five years. Consider the things you decided would have to change when you bought your current home. You can be certain that the people you bought it from thought it was fantastic and that you would not change a thing. The same will be true of the next owners.

We all can remember the aunt that covered her couch in plastic, or a grandmother that left the plastic film on the lampshade in the fancy living room with the white carpeting. All they did was miss out on the opportunity of enjoying something they truly loved.

Your home is your largest investment, the place where you spend most of your time and the heart of your family. So enjoy it — don’t be afraid to make it yours.


Also, as a Realtor, I am constantly telling my clients to always consider re-sale. I think I am going to re-think that advice a bit!

You can read then entire article here.

Image: Multiple Mayhem Mamma


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Really good advice for home buyers to avoid paying too much

house on top of moneyI was reading Yahoo Real Estate this morning and saw a post called “How to avoid paying too much for a new home”. It was originally written by AJ Smith for Credit.com.

I am ALWAYS skeptical when I see a post titled like that as the advice is usually the same in each article and usually too broad to gain any real insight.

I am not sure why I clicked on it, knowing it would be the same and too broad, but I did.

I am happy to say I was wrong. I thought this was a good “meat and potatoes” article and the basic message was really great for buyers to hear.

The last paragraph of the post contained particularly succinct and reasonable advice and was something WE ALL should keep in mind…

If you feel the asking price is too high, you can always offer a lower price. If you think all of the options you are looking at are too high, you may need to adjust your expectations. It’s a good idea to remember that no house is perfect, and home buying typically involves compromises.

If you’d like to read the entire article, you can find it here.

Image: Yahoo


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The spring real estate sales season is 10 weeks away?!?

10 weeks to spring marketWHAT?!? The spring market is only 10 weeks away?!?

YES…that’s 100% correct.

If you are thinking of selling your home this spring, keep that in mind!

Perhaps it’s time to start getting your ducks in row so when the spring market starts you will be ready to go with very little of the stress that selling a house might bring.

The best way to start the process is to have a Realtor come over for a consultation.

And, if you live in Fairfield County Connecticut, call me. :-)

Image: The Daily Mail


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Well said…



Image: Design Sponge
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