Weekly Home Sales for Fairfield County – 11/20/15



Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op


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I haven’t talked about knotty pine in awhile…

I have written several posts on the merits of knotty pine paneling. You can read them here, here, here and here.

I, personally, am a fan of the knotty pine. I have it in my own home…albeit, it’s been painted…but I love the textural detail it brings to my living room.

This past weekend, my husband and I were in Maine looking at summer houses. We happened upon a sweet little cottage that has not been updated in the recent past…probably hasn’t been updated since it was built in 1920!

Anyway, it was a knotty pine extravaganza and I LOVED it!

In my humble opinion, knotty pine definitely has its place in certain decorating and design circles.

Thinking about knotty pine lead me on a before/after search.

And that search lead me here…

Design Sponge Knotty Pine Before:After

Is that transformation stunning or what!?!

With relatively few (if any) architectural changes and some white paint, this home is lovely!

So if you are fretting over buying a home with knotty pine, DON’T FRET!

It can be simply lovely with the right paint color…or, in some instances, even left plain!

If you’d like to see the whole transformation of this knotty pine house, head over to Design Sponge and see it here.


Image: Design Sponge



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Weekly Home Sales for Fairfield County – 11/13/15


Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op


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A good door knocker to start this week…

I missed reporting the local sales figures last Friday and I was going to report them today. I decided this was a better way to start the week. I will report the sales figures tomorrow.

I think this would be a good door knocker to greet those who enter your home…


peace sign door knocker

Source – Iron Forge


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Are you the fixer-upper type?


When I look at the picture above, all I see is possibility. When others see it, they see a mess.

As I have mentioned before, my husband and I only buy houses that need serious help. We like to put our sweat equity into things and keep our mortgages as low as possible. It’s just how we roll.

This type of outlook is not for everyone though…as a matter of fact it took me a bit of convincing to bring my husband down the “fixer-upper path”.

According to him, all these home fix-it shows that take delapidated chicken coops and turn them into palatial palaces…all in 30 minutes of TV time…do not even begin to show the actual nightmares that can ensue from taking on such a major renovation. The Property Brothers touch on it in their show, but they really just give the highlights. My husband is not wrong…these shows can lull home buyers into a false sense of security and rarely divulge that sometimes things can go really wrong. If you pursue this path, you have to be mentally prepared for it.

Here is a good article from Bob Vila that outlines nine questions you should ask yourself BEFORE you purchase a fixer-upper. It will help you decide if you have the stomach for such an undertaking.

For me, I find a good fixer-upper inspiring…for my husband, not quite as much, but he goes along with it.

How about you, are you the fixer-upper type?


Image: BobVila.com/Candysdirt.com


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Well Said…

Mother Theresa Quote


Image: Huffington Post



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Things that make you go hmmmm…

I saw this in an article about “incorporating nature” into a home.

As a home buyer, I say, “What?!? No, thanks!”

As a Realtor, I say, “That’s a sale squasher!”


tree in stairs


Image: Natasha/Flickr


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Little things that make a BIG difference – Bathtub Caulk

For some reason, as I am showing homes to clients, I have been noticing each home’s bathtub caulk.

Bathtub caulk?!? 

How random is that?

Anyway, I have noticed a spate of less than stellar bathtub caulk.

In some instances the caulk was all dried up and pulling away from the wall.

Like this…

dried tub caulk

In other instances the caulk was stained by mildew. In other words, the homeowner tried to clean the mildew off, but it left a gray stain.

Like this…

mildew tub caulk

Gross, right?!?

Anyway, it makes a perfectly clean bathroom, seem old and dirty and that’s never a way to woo buyers.

So, if your house is on the market and your bathtub caulk looks like the ones above, head over to your local hardware store, grab some nice, white caulk and fix your tub up.

It’s very easy to do and you will be surprised at the difference it will make.


Images: Top – Oh Everything Handmade, Bottom – Chic Bathtub Design and Collection Ideas
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Weekly Home Sales for Fairfield County – 11/6/15


Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op


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Where have I been the past week?

meant to be quoteI have been noticeably absent on this blog for the past several days.

I have been feeling sorry for myself and, quite frankly, didn’t feel like writing anything. :-(

My husband and I were trying to purchase a vacation property in another state and it didn’t work out.

Now, as I have written on this very blog several times, if a property does not work out there is ALWAYS a very good reason. You may not know what that reason is at the moment, or ever, but trust me, if it doesn’t work it it wasn’t meant to be.

I spent last week trying to remember my own advice! :-)

Anyway, if any good can come from heartache, I did learn a few good lessons, both as a buyer and as a Realtor and I will share some of them later this week.

Stay tuned…


Image: Mantrapixie
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