Weekly Home Sales Snapshot – 10/31/14



Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op


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Some great front door knockers!

The other day I wrote a post on unique front door entry handles.

Today, I am bringing you front door knockers!

Front door color truly expresses the personality of the occupant of a home. In one glance, you can see how the owner of the door wants to portray themselves.

The same can be said about the front door knocker. An owner can instantly convey their sense of whimsy and style.

If your home is one the market, assess your door knocker. What impression do you think it will make?


hammered loop anthro

Source – Anthropologie

musical note - ren supply

Source – Renovator’s Supply

walpole - shell

Source – Walpole

Walpole pinecone

Source – Walpole

anthropologie monogram

Source – Anthropologie

anthro woodpecker

Source – Anthropologie

anthro fox

Source – Anthropologie

bee_knocker door knocker co

Source – The Door Knocker Company

bat_door_knocker - door knocker co

Source – The Front Door Company

owl_door knocker_co

Source – The Front Door Company

bulldog - hooks and lattice

Source – Hooks & Lattice

fir tree - hhoks lattice

Source – Hooks & Lattice

butterfly - hooks lattice

Source – Hooks & Lattice

starfish - hooks lattice

Source – Hooks & Lattice

squirrel - renovators supply

Source – Renovator’s Supply

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A powerful doormat

Can you imagine a doormat with the power to make all who enter your front door feel great about themselves, even if it’s for just a second?

How powerful would that be!hello beautiful doormat

I saw this doormat on the blog Design*Sponge and it caught my eye immediately.

How great would it be to step across that every time you get home?

A free, “feel good moment” at the ready!

Learn how to make this powerfully great mat right here.

If your home is for sale, would this doormat sway buyers before they enter? Might be worth a try!


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Doorknobs matter! One Realtor’s opinion

If you are buying a house, one of the first things you see/touch in a prospective home is the the front doorknob or handle.

That handle can literally set the impression the entire house will make.

If you viewed a home with one of these handles, what would you think?


rejuvenation star handset

Source – Rejuvenation

rejuvenation samba

Source – Rejuvenation

baldwin rim lock

Source – Baldwin Hardware

rocky mt hardware

Source – Rocky Mountain Hardware

rocky mt fleur

Source – Rocky Mountain Hardware


Source – Heritage Metalworks (original design)


Source – Dering Hall/Nanz


Source - Naomi Thellier de Poncheville

Coastal Bronze

Source – Houzz/Coastal Bronze

chrome lever

Source – Houzz/Chicago Brass

egg handle my knobs

Source – My Knobs

St. Charles - my knobs

Source – My Knobs

Grandeur - my knobs

Source – My knobs

magnum hardward

Source – Magnum Hardware

sa baxter elipse

Source – Houzz/SA Baxter

 Pretty snazzy, right?

If your home is one the market, assess your doorknob. What impression do you think it will make?

Doorknobs matter more than you think…one Realtor’s opinion!


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Well said…


A little humor to get the week started…

wifi quote


Image: Depends what day it is
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UPDATE – My pink bathroom

The other day I wrote about a genius blog called Save the Pink Bathrooms.

I mentioned that I once had a pink bathroom, but I didn’t have the wonderful angular pink toilet tank from the ’50s, but rather a more rounded pink fixture from the ’60s, which was far less preferable to me.

After I finished writing the post, I moved along to a little secret obsession of mine…(read the next words in a whisper voice) looking through the “free” section of Craig’s List.

Looking at what people are willing to give away for free will NEVER, EVER cease to amaze me. Sometimes, I can’t believe how nice the stuff is and sometimes, I can’t believe anyone would think that someone would want such useless junk…

To each his own, I guess.

Well, anyway, I digress from my original story…

As I was looking through the free listings a pink toilet EXACTLY like the one I had in one of my bathrooms popped up. It was being given away for free.

Here it is in all its glory…

pink toilet from CL


What a funny coincidence! 5 minutes after writing a post about pink toilets and I see this one on Craig’s List.

It brings back memories!

And to all of you with a house for sale that has a pink bathroom…don’t worry…my pink bathroom didn’t hold back the sale of my house!


Image: Craig’s List
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Weekly Home Sales Snapshot – 10/24/14


Source: Greater Fairfield County CMLS,  HOUSES Sold = Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo/Co-Op



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Save the Pink Bathroom!


Holy smokes…I totally loved this idea.

A website devoted to saving those vintage pink bathrooms. The website is appropriately called Save the Pink Bathrooms.

I had a pink bathroom in my old house. My in-laws currently have one in their house (and I totally love the way my mother-in-law tricked it out). They have a really cool angular sink and toilet, just like those featured on the website. My pink fixtures were from the ’60s and they had the “less cool” rounded edges…at least they were “less cool” in my opinion.

I have written about exotic bathroom colors before, here and here, but an entire website devoted to pink bathrooms specifically is just sheer genius!

Not sure I would actually want to own another one, but they are very fun to look at.

If your house is on the market and you have one of these lovelies, perhaps print out the landing page to the website and leave it out for potential buyers to see. It may bring a little fun and flair to what might be considered a selling liability!

Image: CT MLS


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Stone floors

stone floorThere is no denying that stone floors have a certain allure for me.

I have written of my desire to have a brick kitchen floor in the past.

The back entryway to my own house is all done in Vermont slate and it is one of my favorite finishes in my home. I actually had some left over and used it in one of my rental houses too.

Houzz just featured an ideabook  that I thought offered a really succinct list of the pros and cons of stone.

If you too are considering stone, remember it’s a pretty permanent feature. So, if you think you will be moving from your current home or you might get tired of the look of the stone…don’t do it!

Stone is is fairly cumbersome to remove and not everyone’s cup of tea!

You can find the ideabook here.

Image: Houzz/Dara Rosenfeld Design


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Well said…

Maya Angelou Quote


Image: Pinterest
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